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Unlimited collaborators​​

Collaborators can create and respond to feedback within a project.

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25 projects

Unlimited notes

Unlimited collaborators​​

Collaborators can create and respond to feedback within a project.

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Team members can create and join projects within shared team workspaces. Members can be added to multiple workspaces.

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Unlimited projects

Unlimited notes

Unlimited collaborators​​

Collaborators can create and respond to feedback within a project.

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Unlimited team members

Team members can create and join projects within shared team workspaces. Members can be added to multiple workspaces.

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Lucia Ulc

Creative director

“Volley allows me to let my developers know exactly where to find an issue. It's also very beneficial when working on a new feature to capture design QA.”

Just a better way to collaborate on website designs We just started using Volley and my team loves it. We are able to keep organized notes of revisions we need to make to our website designs and relay them to our team for development. No more notepads or screenshots into another app, this one does it while we work with great centralization to each project for team productivity. I definitely recommend this for anyone that wants more organization with website project revisions or use a design team.


Volley! - Install the extension - Create a workspace in Volley - Navigate to the site you want to work on - Click extension - Click anywhere on the page to leave comments - YOU'RE DONE! The dashboard is clean and simple, very intuitive. Resolving comments for a project is also simple and intuitive and the screenshots it takes of the site are accurate and fully load, no anomalies or artifacts floating around to clutter things. Looking forward to using this a lot more 🙂


Tried it out and it was 100% on point. The founder knows the pain point of this workflow and has addressed it incredibly well. Easy to use, simple to understand and most of all will save hours, if not days of feedback via docs and screenshots. Had a few queries and within minutes Alex replied with a video recording talking me through. This founder is what these launches are about. Passionate, dedicated and true to his customers. He wants this product to solve problems. Support this product and you won't be disappointed.


The perfect collaboration tool that I have been looking for! What a great product! Volley is going to save a lot of time I usually spend on design feedback with my developers and designer! Sure volley is going to improve my team's productivity and make our workflow easier.


I gave Volley a try, and all I can say is "Wow!" Thank you Alex and Kyle for coming prepared with a very viable product and thorough responses to our support questions. I mean, how often do devs provide on-the-fly Loom videos with their responses? The process from account creation to adding your Chrome extension and executing a project was simple, smooth and hassle-free. Volley and its extension work straight out of the box. It's a keeper!


I own a digital agency and Volley is exactly what we needed to finish up that last 10% of polish on our website builds. So often we will complete a build on a website and look to our designers to provide a final design review on what we have delivered based on their designs. Volley helps to easily compile all the feedback in one place and is extremely fast to use. Volley is definitely a time saver!


Great for Project Managers who work with designers! We have a team of developers, content creators, and designers and find that iterating through different UI and UX options can be a chore involving emails, screenshots, and tickets with too much verbiage. Volley is fantastic for our needs, as we can quickly point at the screen to leave notes for our designers and not fuss with poorly capped screenshots and editing tools to communicate ideas! It cuts down a lot on unnecessary meetings and emails. It really is simple to use - we were up and running in minutes; and our developers can visually (and easily) see the dialogue with designers in order track and make quick changes. Love this app!


Volley is intuitive, clean and simple. It's easy-to-use for suppliers and clients - no training required. By consolidating feedback in projects, Volley has slashed my emails by at least 25%. It's versatile and the Chrome extension makes it super handy and accessible. I'm constantly discovering new use-cases for the tool - it's my go-to for any browser-based feedback. The brand personality is fantastic and I recieved no push-back when onboarding clients. Thanks for making life a little easier Volley! 🙂

Megan Casey

Simple and does the job! Volley is a great tool for providing quick instant feedback for your websites to developers especially for non-techies. First, I love the simplicity and the UI/UX and that likely stems from the facts that the company was founded by a designer. Second, easy setup! When you login, you get a great video to help you understand how it works. Third, I like the chrome extension. This makes it quick and simple to point anywhere on a website and make comments, The advantage of Volley over other is the fact that you don't need to take screenshots but can add your comments directly with the chrome extension. It is pretty cool and quick. Simple and gets the job done if you're looking for a quick feedback tool with your developers.


Quick and Easy.
Often clients are intimidated by new tools. Volley is really easy to install and my clients seem to 'get it'. Volley has been a god-send in getting tech challenged clients to stick to our processes. No more screen shots in a word doc.


Fantastic App. Love how easy it is to leave comments directly on the live site for my designer to review. On long scrolling sales pages, this is way easier than figuring out how to take a full-size screenshot and then adding notes to it through a photo editor. Thanks Volley team!

Vitaliy Levit

Really easy way to talk to clients about website changes. Love this tool! It does need some improvements but the basic stuff is there and it is already usable. Perfect for a freelance webdev like me!

Ben Andersen

Amazing tool for my clients make reviews of my websites!

Lucas Sene Oste

Where were you my whole life? Seriously there are plenty of tools to assist with client feedback but Volley is so simple for my clients to use that it actually gets used. Sure, I wish there were a couple more bells and whistles but I think the simplicity allows my most technically challenged clients to use the tool. It is now my goto custom collaboration tool.

John Webster

It's a tool that is the missing piece for website design/dev communication.

Samantha Vira

Frequently asked questions

What’s the difference between a Team member and a Collaborator?

Collaborators are invited into a single project. Collaborators can create and respond to feedback within a project. Team members can create and join projects within shared team workspaces. It is posible to add team members to multiple workspaces.

What makes Volley different from other visual feedback tools I’ve seen?

Other tools put your website in an iFrame. This means that some pages and sites won’t work well. Volley works with screenshots of your website, so it will work literally everywhere. Also, Volley’s collaboration mode is optimized to be faster to use than other tools that must load each page on top of their own code before showing your comments.

Does Volley work with responsive websites?

Yes, it does! Simply shrink your browser and Volley will capture feedback on the mobile version of your site.

Can I use Volley to collect Client feedback?

Yes, Volley works great for client feedback workflows.

Does Volley work on WordPress, Shopify and Squarespace sites? What about React, Angular and other we app frameworks?

Yes and yes! Volley works on literally any website with no code to install. Because it’s a lightweight browser extension that sits on top of your website, it even works behind logins and on staging sites. You can use Volley on literally any page you can view in your browser. We designed it to be the most versatile tool out there.

Are my projects, comments, and screenshots secure?

You bet! We’re up to date with the latest in security standards. You can rest assured that all your projects are secure and safe.

Do I need a credit card to start?

Nope. You can use your free Basic plan without a credit card forever.

Can I cancel a paid plan anytime?

Yep! We even refund a prorated portion of your last payment so you won’t pay a penny more than you use. If you cancel right after making a full monthly payment, you shouldn’t have to pay for the time you don’t use.

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