Introducing Slack for Volley

Now you can get Slack notifications for any feedback reported in Volley.

Instantly send all your Volley feedback to Slack, even from users and clients providing feedback through the Volley widget.

Volley for Slack will streamline your collaboration process and provide visibility to anything reported through Volley.

Enjoy full control over when and how you receive feedback. Turning it on and off is as simple as checking a box!

Connect Volley to Slack

To connect your Volley project to Slack, visit the project settings by clicking the gear in the bottom right corner and toggle to the “Integrations” tab.

Click the three-dot menu next to the Slack integration logo and click “Connect”

Continue through the O-Auth settings to connect to your Slack workspace. Slack will ask permission for Volley to access your workspace. Click Allow.

Select the channel where you would like feedback to be sent. Once “Send notifications to Slack when a note is created” is checked, all incoming feedback will also be sent directly to the selected slack channel.

Manage your configuration settings anytime by clicking the three-dot menu and selecting “Settings”.

Cheers and happy Volleying!

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