New features: Draggable notes, numbered dots, widget updates and more

With summer in full swing, we’re serving up a set of improvements to keep your feedback game extra hot, both in the Volley extension and embeddable widget.

Here’s what’s just come off the bench:

Draggable notes

One of our most requested features, now you can drag your notes after placing them. Letting you to put your dot exaaaaaaactly where you want it. Talk about precision ball placement!

Numbered note dots

Live today, you’ve got front row tickets to the number of notes in your Volley project right when you add them. Easily keep track of exactly how much feedback has been added to each project. Don't be shy adding plenty of detailed feedback. Who’s got the high score?

Only display your embeddable widget to project members

We designed the super simple feedback widget to be… well… super simple, but that doesn't mean it’s not powerful. Now, Volley Unlimited Plan members can choose to only show their widget to members of the project where the widget is connected, keeping it hidden for all other visitors. This is great for collecting feedback from your internal team on live sites. Sometimes you only want to keep the next big plan within the huddle.

⚡ 10X Faster note captures

Without speed, your game is bound to fall apart. You’ll now enjoy 10x faster note captures product-wide. Tee up Eye of The Tiger and let your feedback fly, you know you want to.

Coming soon: Note statuses

Sometimes you need more in your note playbook than just “Open” and “resolved”. Coming very soon, you’ll be able to mark your notes with a number of useful statuses to supercharge your feedback workflow.

Expect more updates very soon. To vote on upcoming features and submit new ideas, head over to our product roadmap.

Cheers and happy Volleying!
- The Volley Team

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