New features: Manage Collaborators, Paste Attachments, and Extension Updates

Over the last few months the number of people and companies using Volley has tripled. Yes, TRIPLED! And with 3x the growth comes 3x the product feedback. We’re thrilled to be receiving so much valuable input from our users 🙏 .

We know everyone is excitedly awaiting the embeddable widget feature, which we assure you we’re hard at work developing.

In the meantime, we decided to serve up a few feature ideas straight from the Volley community. Here’s a play-by-play of our latest enhancements to the app and extension.

Put me in coach: Manage collaborators

Managing collaborators is a feature we’ve been asked for time and time again. We’re thrilled to pass the ball on this one!

For the assist: Paste attachments from design tools

We can attest that this feature has been saving our team a ton of time. We used it heavily for providing feedback to our developers to ensure the latest extension updates were pixel-perfect.

Extension updates: Select projects with ease

We’ve learned that project organization is key for our customers and we’re excited to share these new productivity boosting enhancements.

Expect more updates coming off the bench very soon. To vote on upcoming features and submit new ideas, head over to our product roadmap.

Cheers and happy Volleying!

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