Super Simple Feedback Widget: Coming April 19!

We’ve been getting a ton of inquiries about the release of Volley’s new embeddable widget feature. As a refresher, this is a powerful new addition which will allow you to embed a small script on any page where you'd like to display a publicly accessible Volley feedback widget, eliminating the need for the extension. Feedback captured from the widget will funnel directly into the Volley project of your choice.

Here’s a video showing how it works

In response to the buzz, we’re excited to announce that the embeddable widget feature will be released by April 19th. We’re putting the final touches on the functionality and can’t wait to share it with the Volley family. The widget will be available on all plans to all users.

While we finish up the widget, here’s a couple updates that you can enjoy immediately:

Attachments now supported in Draw Mode

Sometimes you need it all: drawings, comments and attachments to create the perfect feedback. We’re excited to announce that you can now upload attachments in “Draw” mode from the extension.

Use Volley for more than ever

We’ve always felt that Volley is like a “Swiss Army Knife” with all sorts of uses. A simple tool you can keep in your back pocket, ready to pull out when needed, without ever getting in your way. We’ve been hearing more-and-more use cases from customers and we’ve written up a few of them in our new Volley Use Cases Section.

Spoiler, the Inspiration Curation Use Case has been game changing for us while doing design discovery!

A big thank you "🙏

Finally, thanks to all of you for the phenomenal support we’re receiving on Capterra. Reading everyone's honest reviews of the Volley has been heartwarming for Kyle and me.

It’s support like this from the design community that we live for that continues to make us want to build Volley to be the best possible product for all of you!

Expect more updates coming off the bench very soon. To vote on upcoming features and submit new ideas, head over to our product roadmap.

Cheers and happy Volleying!

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