Volley Team Workspaces — Now Avaliable

Were excited to announce that team workspaces are now available in Volley! 🎉

With our Pro and Pro + plans, now your entire team can create projects, notes, and collaborate on feedback in a shared Workspace.

Why Volley Team Workspaces?

With Volley Team Workspaces, It’s never been easier to share feedback across your company. Keep everyone on the same page with ultra-flexible shared workspaces where everyone can create, view and resolve feedback freeley.

Each team workspace member enjoys the ability to create unlimited projects and everyone on your team is automatically added to each project created. From there, you can invite additional collaborators, clients or guests into each project in a one-off manner.

Volley Team Workspaces make your website review process even more seamless by providing a centralized place that empowers everyone in your organization to make your websites pixel-perfect.

What’s new in Volley Team Workspaces?

In our Pro and Pro + plans you’ll find:

Getting started with Volley Team Workspaces

To get started, simply click “Create New team” from your projects dropdown on the left side of your dashboard. Once you’ve named your team, you can add members using the “Members” link. It’s that easy! Now everyone on your team is on the same page, ready to create projects, provide visual feedback and collaborate on any issue that comes through.

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