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Meet Eric from Trancefusion Design

We sat down with the founder of Trancefusion Design to learn how his team uses Volley with clients to collect inspiration for new projects.

We needed a means for clients to find elements from existing websites that they'd like to see in their new project. Volley fit the bill.

Eric, thanks for taking the time to chat with us, for starters, can you tell us a little about Trancefusion Design?

Sure, we've been around for 20 plus years. And we have over 128 clients nationwide that are professional businesses, individuals, corporations, and NGOs, who rely on us to design, develop and reimagine their web properties. We also host their websites on our servers.

Wow! Sounds like you’re a real expert when it comes to the design and development workflow. What did your website discovery process look like before Volley?

Primarily we’d use zoom to do a lot of remote interactions with potential clients to talk about their projects and needs, we’d look at their websites on Zoom using the share screen feature, and look at websites that they’d love to have elements from in their new site redesigns.

Got it. So more of an in-person type of process, which would have to be scheduled, where clients would share what they like and don’t like on the web?

Yep, exactly

What was it like getting started Volley as a way for your clients to share the things they like and dislike all around the web?

Well, it's great, because we were looking for a solution to kick things off with new clients, something before the contract. We needed a means for clients to find elements from existing websites that they'd like to see in their new project. Volley fit the bill. We tested it in the office, and we thought, wow, this is going to work for us.

Right off the bat, I think a week after we purchased Volley, our first client, a law firm, really enjoyed using it to find the elements that they needed and wanted on their new project.

That's great. So you're using Volley as a way for people to provide things that they like around the web, as inspiration for you to then ultimately design and build for them.

That's correct! What’s great is Volley even has a way to go straight to the page where the feedback was created, making it easy to get a picture of exactly what the client likes, as well as a repository for us to return to later when we start the design process.

What a neat use case! It's almost like a simple way to do web based scavenger hunts.

Right, and we love that Volley can be used to provide feedback across multiple websites in a single project, which makes it perfect and unique to other feedback tools we’ve used.

What's been a benefit that you've seen since you've started using Volley?

Well, number one, it's simple. It's a simple-to-understand three step process in order to onboard, you sign up with volley, get the extension and go out and find things to tag and comment on. So definitely the simplicity.

We haven't had any issues with clients. I think we've had 10 new clients use it and there hasn't been one issue with it. It’s as smooth as butter.

We appreciate the fact that it's very clean and has the less-is-more thing going on. There's not a lot of bells and whistles and it's easy to use, so it's effective. New clients need to be able to give their feedback really quickly. And Volley allows them to do that.

That's fantastic. We designed Volley specifically for simplicity out of the box. It’s good to hear that our efforts are resonating with you and your clients.

What would you tell other people about Volley?

I would say that it's a simple tool to use. You have the option of sitting down with Volley and coming up with different use cases, you may want to use it for your business. And you may want to use it for, I don't know, a Christmas website scavenger hunt during the holiday to keep your kids entertained.

There's a lot of really neat things that you could do with it. And so in a way, Volley also encourages expanding your mind. It’s like walking into a model home and going. I like that. And I like that. And I like that for my own house. Simple

That's great! We like to equate Volley to a Swiss Army Knife you've got in your back pocket that you can pull out when you feel that you need it. It has amany different ways to solve problems for you. We’re thrilled to hear that this is the case for you and your team as well.

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