Faster client feedback and approvals

Optomize your revision cycles with an easy way for your clients to provide feedback pinpointed to specific design elements

Why Digital Agencies Love Volley

Collect feedback on any website

Empower clients and internal team members to provide real-time feedback. Simply invite them to a project and they’re ready to begin making notes using the Volley extension.

Intuitive by design

Your clients will love how simple it is to deliver feedback. No extra fluff. Just point, click, comment.

Draw tools included

Choose from a virility of markup tools to make the right point every time.

Get it done in minutes

Getting started takes less than 20 seconds. No more endless email threads.


Instantly collect or give feedback on any webpage. No extension required.



Notify people of something that needs their attention.

Draw tools

Mark up your screenshots with pen, arrow and text.

Export to Trello and Jira

Integrate seamlessly into your existing workflow.


Attach files to your screenshots and comments for a better understanding of what’s needed.

Email Notifications

Receive email notifications for new notes, resolved comments and comment replies.

Mark feedback complete

Resolve your feedback with one click.

Seeing is believing

Volley renders pixel-perfect screenshots as part of the feedback, allowing for a better understanding of what’s needed.

High resolution screenshots

Included with every comment let’s you understand exactly what your client is thinking.

Attach files to feedback

For even more context. Get exactly what you need.

Browser, OS and website details

Included with every note, ensuring no questions go unanswered.

if you value your time, and if you are in a business in which visual feedback is important, and you want to be able to easily articulate changes from one revision to the next, then Volley is by far the simplest and best tool that I have found.

Ryan Johnson

Founder at Better your Best Marketing

Collaboration for the win

Volley stores all of the feedback left on websites in the form of clickable notes within your project.

Invite anyone to the game

Share with anyone who’s part of the review process. Invitees will receive a sign-up form, giving them instant access to the project.

Mark feedback as resolved

Give everyone awareness about what’s been done and what’s left to do.

@ mentions

Get a team member or client's attention.

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