Responsive mode is here!

Level-up your feedback game and keep everyone on the same page with responsive feedback mode. Available today in the Volley Browser Extension, use the intuitive new interface to provide instant feedback at any breakpoint. It’s never been faster to review desktop, tablet and mobile breakpoints. Feature recap Easily review your website in mobile and tablet […]

Introducing Slack for Volley

Now you can get Slack notifications for any feedback reported in Volley. Instantly send all your Volley feedback to Slack, even from users and clients providing feedback through the Volley widget. Volley for Slack will streamline your collaboration process and provide visibility to anything reported through Volley. Enjoy full control over when and how you […]

Introducing Video Feedback in Volley

With a new year comes our most highly requested feature yet. You can now capture video feedback using the Volley browser extension and feedback widget. Now you can show it and say it! How does video feedback work? Easy! Just click the video icon in your Volley widget to begin a new screen recording. Everything […]

New features: Draggable notes, numbered dots, widget updates and more

With summer in full swing, we’re serving up a set of improvements to keep your feedback game extra hot, both in the Volley extension and embeddable widget. Here’s what’s just come off the bench: Draggable notes One of our most requested features, now you can drag your notes after placing them. Letting you to put […]

Super Simple Feedback Widget: Coming April 19!

We’ve been getting a ton of inquiries about the release of Volley’s new embeddable widget feature. As a refresher, this is a powerful new addition which will allow you to embed a small script on any page where you’d like to display a publicly accessible Volley feedback widget, eliminating the need for the extension. Feedback […]

New features: Manage Collaborators, Paste Attachments, and Extension Updates

Over the last few months the number of people and companies using Volley has tripled. Yes, TRIPLED! And with 3x the growth comes 3x the product feedback. We’re thrilled to be receiving so much valuable input from our users 🙏 . We know everyone is excitedly awaiting the embeddable widget feature, which we assure you […]

New Feature: Email Notifications

You spoke and we listened 👀 🔔 ! We’re excited to announce that as of today you can receive email notifications for new notes, resolved comments and comment replies within Volley! Beyond that, you have complete control over which notifications you would like to receive. Having a pulse on what’s happening with your Volley prpjects […]

Volley Team Workspaces — Now Avaliable

Were excited to announce that team workspaces are now available in Volley! With our Pro and Pro + plans, now your entire team can create projects, notes, and collaborate on feedback in a shared Workspace. Why Volley Team Workspaces? With Volley Team Workspaces, It’s never been easier to share feedback across your company. Keep everyone […]

New Feature: Improved Annotations With ‘Draw Mode’

Over the last few months, we’ve been working on a new feature for Volley that we couldn’t be more excited to announce! We’ve always felt that adding comments over the top of any webpage is the core of what makes Volley great, but until now, we still felt that something was missing… There are times […]

Pro tip: Export your notes directly to Trello or Jira

We’re super excited to announce that now you can send your notes directly to Trello or Jira from within the Volley extension There are times where you want the notes you’re creating through Volley to go directly to the PM tool of your choice. Today, we’re excited to announce that you can now send your […]